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A true Parisian born,

Stephanie holds a Doctor’s Degree in Art History  from the Sorbonne and Ecole du louvre. As a graduate student in Paris, she worked in the Curatorial Department and Director’s Office of Orsay, her favorite museum. During her tours, she always give visitors time to engage with the surface of a canvas, before offering historical or descriptive information.

Seeing a painting

in person is a privileged experience that cannot be replaced even by the highest quality reproduction. She enjoys asking “What do you see?”. First, because people realize what a challenging exercise it is to translate the purely visual into words. Secondly, each person’s experience of viewing is unique, and ultimately makes her see anew. Discussing art allows us to continually learn from each other.

Stephanie also lived

in Chicago for a year, where she worked as a freelance Art writer. When not researching, or leading tours, you’ll find her meandering through Montmartre with her husband and her two young children.
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My Best location in Paris ?

Palais-Royal Gardens

My péché Mignon ?

A glass of champagne and a Pierre Hermé chocolate-lemon bite.

My Favorite Quote ?

"One can only see with the heart : what is essential is invisible to the eyes” - Saint-Exupéry.

My Super Power ?

I am the undisputed brioche Queen... by my kids!