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Ancient Greece and Rome

Fascinated Thomas since he was a child. Quite logically, he studied history of the Antiquity and travelled few times to Greece, Italy and Turkey. Once holding his guide’s accreditation in 2008, Thomas realized that antique heritage was is little represented in Paris region (smart notice, by the way). So he made the big jump.

Towards the 20th century!

It became his new passion. After Homer and Alexander the Great, his current hero is now called Le Corbusier, one of the most talented contemporary architects. Logically again, Thomas began to guide visitors into the Le Corbusier Foundation or the villa Savoye in Poissy, built for or by the Master.

For an enthusiast like him,

Being focused on a single period is too frustrating. Hence, Thomas makes some infidelities to his primordial love by leading visitors somewhen else: from a Gothic church to a 17th century castle or through the most underestimated anecdotes about WWII events, Sport or Cinema. As you can see, loving the past does not necessarily keep you away from modernity!

My Best location in Paris ?

La Défense, for its modern architecture

My péché Mignon ?

Candis and/or Paris-Brest pastry

My Favorite Quote ?

"Our life is what our thoughts make it." - Roman Empereor Marcus Aurelius

My Super Power ?

I know - at least - 20 different recipes with eggs as main ingredient!