Meet the team behind Meet the Locals!

Our story:


It started with two sisters…

There was Dominique, the redhead with green eyes; and Isabelle, the brunette with blue eyes. (Don’t try to figure out who is the oldest—they’ve already taken all the info offline!) They’ve been working together since the days when they had to clean up their playroom! Even then, it was clear that Isabelle was the left brain and Dominique was the right brain of the team. Soon they were collaborating on round-the-world trips!

Wherever they travelled…

These two enthusiastic globetrotters found that the richest and most unique experiences came from meeting and talking with locals. In 2015, the sisters decided it was time to share their own expertise. That idea gave birth to Meet the Locals: an innovative, immersive tour agency. Paris became their new playground!


Happiness is in their DNA…

Dominique and Isabelle live by this Mark Twain’s motto “The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up”. With their joie de vivre, the two sisters are crafting unique experiences for their clients to have a blast during their stay in Paris.

Making tourists feel like locals…

Is their holy grail. They began recruiting enthusiastic Paris insiders—whom they called Welcomers—who were happy to share their insights, discoveries, and favorite local spots with sightseers.
But they didn’t want just any locals. They handpicked people with serious knowledge, but who don’t take themselves too seriously. Their dream is that you’ll start your tour with a stranger and end it with a friend!


The team looks forward to meeting you!

Dominique aka Superwoman

Parisian since forever. Dominique co-founded Meet the Locals after a career in marketing for the luxury hotel industry. She also launched a series of Lonely Planet travel guides for parents with young children. For her, curiosity is a cardinal virtue and laughter is infectious!

My favorite place

The banks of the Seine, preferably after dark

My Favorite Quote

“Between possible and impossible: two letters and a state of mind”.
Charles de Gaulle

My péché Mignon

Raiding bakeries for chouquettes

My super power

I speak fluent cat!

Isabelle aka Wonder Woman

Isabelle lives on the banks of the lovely Oise river, just a stone’s throw from Paris. To Isabelle, organization is second nature. Financial figures, charts and tables hold no secret for her. Her cheerfulness lights up the team.

My favorite place


My Favorite Quote

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.
Nelson Mandela

My péché Mignon

A slice of flan with a flute of champagne—or just the champagne!

My super power

I’m excelling at Excel sheets!

Thomas aka Superman

Born in Paris, he’s been a local Parisian for 25 years. After living in England, USA and Argentina for a while, he’s back to his native town with one idea in mind, make sure each traveler stopping by will have an unique experience with Meet the Locals!

My favorite place

Saint Germain des Prés

My Favorite Quote

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.
Milton Berle

My péché Mignon

A fresh Baguette with some Comté or Roquefort

My super power

I can read in people’s mind!