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Use our magic wand to set up your perfect experience in Paris

Tours & Activities in Paris

We do not simply provide activities in Paris, We craft thrilling experiences!

Meet the Locals is an immersive tour agency based in Paris. Our awesome team of local family-friendly experts offers you a wide range of activities in Paris, done in private or in small group (8max.), running every day of the week!

Our entertaining family friendly tours. Each of our family activities are carefully designed to provide an educational and fun experience. our meticulously crafted activity booklets and our team of kids-friendly guides making sure that children and teens are fully engaged… and happy!

You will also find a lot of walking tours, which will give you the chance to learn more about the city and see what others miss. And if you look for a fun new way to experience the history of Paris, don’t miss our historical adventure tours that will make history comes alive!

But we also have a lot more to offer: food tours, museums tours, photo tours, night tours, a cruise to the Seine River or an escape to Giverny and many other premium activities in Paris in order to satisfy everyone coming to the city of Light.

Treat yourself with more than 70 premium activities in Paris done with passionate experts

You fancy a comprehensive tour of the Louvre or Orsay? You want to behold the beauty of the Palace of Versailles? You would like to walk through the beautiful Montmartre? Or maybe know the off the beaten track parts of the city? Maybe you are just looking to taste the very best french food? Well good news, we have them all!

And if you’re looking for a tailor made experience on a private basis, we can do it for you! please contact us as we would be thrilled to help you get the best of Paris!